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Your New Japan Career Starts Here

With classes taught by experienced instructors, Shoko's Japanese School is your gateway to a new career.

When you apply, please sign up for Guidable Jobs as well!

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Japanese School

Conducted online

Competent and dedicated teachers

Customized classes

according to students' preference 



We are offering different types of curriculum to customize your classes according to your preference.

Get rigorous, interactive experience with our learning curriculum.


JLPT Preparation

 Support students to pass any level of JLPT

Japanese Speaking 

Help you to strengthen your speaking ability with

natural way of speaking

Reading & Writing

Designed for students to be able to read and write Japanese depending on students' level.

Job Intervew

Prepare students for a job interview.

Our instructors will teach you how to answer to job interview questions.

Course details

Course Details

We are offering 2 group courses at different levels

and 1 small sized corse for JLPT preparation

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Japanese level                                      N5-N4

Course length               26 hours(3-4 months)

Tuition                                           2,0000/hour

Class size                                      Maximum 3

Days                                                Weekdays

Time (JST)      1 or 2 hours  from 18:00-21:00




Japanese level                             N3-N2

Course length                    Min 1 month

Tuition                                    2,000/hour

Class size                              Maximum 3

Days                                         Weekdays

Time (JST)  1 or 2 hours  from 18:00-21:00



Preparation Course

Japanese level                covers all level

Course length                    Min 2 month

Tuition                                    2,000/hour

Class size                             Maximum 3

Days                                        Weekdays

Time (JST)  1or 2 hour from 18:00-20:00


We are now offering a special courses to encourage

people who want to gain Specified Skilled Workers Visa

in several industries

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Preparation Cours:

Skills Assessment Test 

for Food Service Industry

Japanese level           JLPT N4 or above

Tuition                                            ¥5,000

Class size                              Maximum 5

Schedule                     October 19,21,26

Time (JST)                             19:30-21:30

Coming soon

Preparation Cours:

Nursing Care

Skills Evaluation Test

Japanese level              accept any level

Course length                            9 weeks 

Tuition          Course A:  ¥5,000 (in total)
                      Course B:  ¥2,000/h           

Class size      Course A:  Maximum 11                          Course B:   Maximum 3     

Days                        Tuesday & Thursday

Time (JST)                             19:30-21:30

Coming soon

Preparation Cours:

Agriculture Skills Assessment Test 

Japanese level           JLPT N4 or above

Tuition                                            ¥5,000

Class size                              Maximum 5

Days                   Monday & Wednesday

Time (JST)                             19:30-21:30

Coming soon

What comes next after you graduate from our school?

Bright future with great jobs

Our classes are designed for student success.

We’re in this together, from your first day of classes to your first day on the job — and beyond.


Highly skilled jobs

Highly skilled jobs like IT related jobs require JLPT N4~N2 in Japan. Improve your Japanese with us and get better jobs with your skills and experiences.

Specified Skilled Worker 

As JLPT N4 is necessary for Specified Skilled Worker visa, enrolling our classes will expand your possibilities to get jobs such as restaurant staffs.  

Application Form

Application Form

If you are interested, please apply from this form. After we received your application, we will contact you within a week via email.

Thank you! You have successfully completed the application.

Classmates in the Library

Our Vision

Guidable Inc. provides services to all foreigners in Japan under the mission of "Bridge the Gap Between Foreigners and Japan". 

We hope that through our services,
we can get rid of the boundaries separating foreigners and Japan,
and make Japan one of the most fascinating countries in the world.

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