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Course Description


- can read and write Hiragana, Katakana, and 

  basic Kanji

- need to buy textbook
 (It will be announced in the class)


Reading & Writing 

Our lessons will help you to read wide range of topics on general news or articles and to understand the content. Also, you will practice to write a short paragraph with opinions.


- Kanji

- Vocabulary  

- Writing short paragraphs

- Reading articles and news


Many Japanese learners have struggled with subtle nuances. In our lessons, you will practice speaking through conversation and discussions learning natural expressions. You will be more confident with your speaking in daily lives and even in a business setting. 


- Keigo (Business Japanese)

- Vocabulary  (natural expression)

- Conversation & discussion

*The content will be arranged according to students' preference. There are other contents including JLPT preparation and practice for job hunting. 

Japanese level                                  N3-N2

Course length                         Min 1 month

Tuition                                         2,000/hour

Class size                                   Maximum 3

Days                                             Weekdays

Time (JST)   1 or 2 hours  from 18:00-21:00

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