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Preparation Cours:

Skills Assessment Test 

for Food Service Industry

Course Description

Japanese level           JLPT N4 or above

Tuition                                            ¥5,000

Class size                              Maximum 5

Schedule           October 12,14,19,21,26

Time (JST)                             19:30-21:30


- need to have JLPT N4 or above

- need to be supposed to take Skills Assessment Test

  for Food Service Industry in the near future

- if we received more applications that         
  expected, those who are planning to take the test  
  in this Nov
ember will be given priority 


Hygiene Controls

-Basic Hygiene Controls

-Good Hygiene Practice

-HACCP based Food Hygiene System

Preparation of Food and Drink

-Ingredients (raw ingredients)

-Basic Preparation Processes

-Various Preparation Method

-Cooking Appliances, Utensils and Tools

-Occupational Health & Safety

Customer Services

-Knowledge of Customer Services

-Knowledge of Foods

-Restaurant Management

-Handling Complaints

-Emergency Responses

* Examinees of ​Skills Assessment Test for Food Service Industry will choose a test  type from   

   A,B and C. They have different allocation of marks to the three subjects and we can
customize the course content according to the students' choice.

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