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JLPT preparation


Course Description

Japanese level                covers all level

Course length                    Min 2 month

Tuition                                  ¥2,000/hour

Class size                              Maximum 3

Days                                        Weekdays

Time (JST)  1or 2 hour from 18:00-21:00


- can read and write Hiragana & Katakana

- can understand simple conversation

- need to be supposed to take JLPT exam in 

   the near future 

- if we received more applications that         
  expected, those who are planning to take JLPT   
  in this 
December will be given priority 

- need to buy a textbook (for N4 and N5)

  "みんなの日本語 初級2 第2版"


For those who are supposed to take JLPT N4 or N5

[The first half of the course]

Lecture based classes will be held with 

the textbook みんなの日本語 初級2, especially about new vocabulary and grammar

Students will be asked to work on the questions in the textbook as homework.

There will be special class to learn basic Keigo, which is polite form of Japanese.

[The first half of the course]

Students will do the workbook for JLPT to get used to the real questions. 

Classes will be conducted in easy Japanese as one of the preparation for the listening section. 

For those who are supposed to take JLPT N3 or above

Since we are now receiving applications mainly from those who aim to pass N4 and N5, please contact us if you are interested in other preparation class. 

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